I am a researcher at the De La Salle University Center for Language Technologies (DLSU-CeLT) where I specialize in Natural Language Processing (NLP) in low-resource settings, particularly in Philippine Languages. Currently, I am working on low-resource approaches for training neural-based dialogue generation systems. Previously, I have worked on low-resource Question Generation and Answering (QG/QA) and Fake News Detection.

My research interest, broadly speaking, revolves around the applications of Deep Learning into NLP. I'm specifically interested in techniques and approaches to solving tasks in low-data domains, using techniques such as one-shot/few-shot learning, transfer learning, domain adaptation, data augmentation, and multitask learning. Outside of my domain, I also have some work in Human-Computer Interactions (HCI) with applied machine learning.

My resume is available for more information.

Experience and Involvements

Aside from my current work, I’m also involved/been involved in a number of roles in both the academe and the industry.

  • DLSU Center for Language Technologies (CeLT)
    (Aug 19' - Present)
    I'm currently a Research Assistant working directly under Dr. Charibeth Cheng at DLSU's language technologies lab where I lead, manage, and mentor research groups pursuing deep learning-based theses. I am currently involved in research pursuing techniques for training dialogue generation systems with little training data. Previously, I have worked on Question Generation and Fake News Detection in this leadership capacity.
  • DLSU Machine Learning Group  
    (Aug '18 - Present)
    I’m the Founder and Lead Mentor of DLSU’s first machine learning research and development group composed mainly of student mentors and enthusiasts in 2018. As the Lead Mentor, I run weekly learning sessions for deep learning-based approaches for solving AI tasks (mainly in NLP, focusing on hard tasks such as QA and Translation). I also host a biweekly brownbag through the group where we share and discuss state-of-the-art research in the field.
  • DLSU Center for Complexity and Emerging Technologies  
    (Jun '17 - Sept '19)
    I was affiliated with DLSU’s complex systems and HCI lab as its Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Machine Learning and Data Science where I taught and mentored research groups under the lab with topics relating to my specialization. I was also involved in a research project under the lab developing sensor based musical instruments, particularly an air guitar, using electromyogprahy-based sensors where we had published a paper in 2018, with one more upcoming paper from that body of work soon.
  • Senti TechLabs Inc.  
    (Apr '18 - Oct '18)
    I worked as an Artificial Inteligence Research Engineer Intern for Senti TechLabs working in Filipino NLP where I developed intent classification platforms and conversational agents. I also represented the company in events and talks as a speaker.
  • RCG Global Services PH  
    (Dec '17 - Mar '18)
    I was a Data Analytics and Big Data Intern leading research and development on big data solutions for visualized data management where I gained high commendations from the president and chief architect for contributions to the company.

Teaching Experience

CSC933M (Data Science, Graduate School)
De La Salle University
Teaching Assistant
(May '19 - Aug '19, Term 3)

Academic Service

Philippine Computing Science Congress (PCSC 2020)
Subreviewer, Natural Language Processing (3 papers)